Student Spotlight

An Interview With Jared Bourne

By Mister Quinn

     Jared is a bright young man with a great sense of humor.  When he joined my afterschool music creation club last year I discovered how talented he his on the drums. I sat down with him this week for a little interview to learn more about his love of drumming.

What grade are you in and who is your teacher?
I'm in 4th grade and my teacher is Ms. Ramos. 

When you showed me the videos of you playing drums I was blown away. You can really hammer it out. When did you start playing drums? 
At the age of six. My family has drums in the basement. My father and sister play too.

Cool. Sounds like you have a fun family. What is your favorite thing about playing the drums? 
Everything. I like the tone and sound. It's like you can feel the motions. It's like the music goes through you. You really feel it.

What type of drum set do you have? 
My family has 3 drum kits. Mine is made by DW. My sister's is made by D Drums. My dad's drums are made by Pearl. 

Who is the best drummer in your family? 
That would be me, of course:) 

Who are your favorite drummers? Who inspires you? 
Mike Portnoy, Steve Smith, & Tony Royster Jr.   

Those are some impressive names. I'm going to share their videos along with yours after this interview so people can check them out. So you play drums in your church? 
Yes. We practice everyday and play for the congregation on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. 

What church do you go to? 
The Jesus Saves Ministry. My pastor is Pastor Stocks. 

Thank you for sitting down and having this interview with me, Jared. Is there anyone you want to say hello to? 
My mom, dad, and sister. I love you guys.

     Want to see Jared jamming at church? Just click on the two links below:   

     And here are videos of Jared's favorite drummers:  


  1. ARE you a good drumme

  2. I am so proud he is my son! Keep up the good work Jared!