Student Spotlight

A Chat With Hailey Galvan
by Mister Quinn

     Hailey is a bright 4th grader from Ms. Ramos' class with a surprising hobby outside of school. We got talking in the computer lab one day and her eyes just lit up telling me about karate.  It was obvious that she's fallen in love with the martial arts she is studying at her Bushwick dojo.  She agreed to sit down for a short interview with me for our Student Spotlight series. Here is our chat:
So Hailey, what is the name of your karate dojo?
The Kankudai Zanshin Dojo on Dekalb Ave.

Who is your sensei?
Sensei Hommy

How long have you been taking karate?
I started in 2010.

What color belt are you?
I am a green belt.

How many belts up the ranks is that?
It is the 8th rank.

Why did you start taking karate?
When I was in 2nd grade there was a classmate who was bullying me. My mom got upset. There was a karate place near my home. My mom said, “Let’s go check it out.” My sister and I signed up to take a free class. When we went I was excited and my sister was scared. By the end of that first class, we both really liked it.  And that’s where it all started.

What’s your favorite part about karate?
That’s a hard one. I like everything about it.

Well, what are some of your favorite things you’ve done or learned?
When I was a yellow belt I learned to trip people and take them down to the floor. It was fun. I also love going to competitions.

You fight people at the competitions?
Yes. And the judges score it. It’s funny, there are some kids that are really small, but very strong.

Are you strong?
Yes. When we practice at the dojo they make a line and I have to fight all the kids to pretend I’m protecting my house. I can also do 20 sit ups.

That’s great! So what are your karate goals?
I want to teach it someday when I’m a black belt. I also want to go to the National Championship in Florida. My mom might take me. I want to bring a big trophy to my dojo!

Thank you for talking with my Hailey and telling me about your life in karate. Is there anybody you want to say hello to?
I want to say hi to my sensei. Thank you for teaching me karate.

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